How to Charge RV Batteries With Generator?

How to Charge RV Batteries With Generator

The batteries are the heart of an RV. They power up most of its essential parts including awnings, stab jacks, lights, and even 110V appliances such as fridge, furnace, and so on. But how do you get the RV camper batteries to charge? You generally charge them by plugging its power cord into a shore … Read more

AGM Vs Lithium Battery: What To Choose For An RV?

AGM Vs Lithium Battery

There used to be a time when AGM batteries were considered the best option for your RV. And at that time, it was true because the alternative, sealed lead-acid, had several issues such as acid spills or low shelf life. However, with the arrival of lithium batteries, more and more RV owners are switching to … Read more